Brianna’s Maternity & Surprise….

Brianna’s boyfriend Caleb called me several months back to schedule their maternity session and newborn sessions. We set them up with many months to go before we had to meet to fit her for some dresses available in my collection.

A couple weeks before her session, Caleb called to let me know a date that they would swing by for their dress consult. He also asked me if we could fit in a surprise at their maternity session. He was going to propose!!! We discussed where we would take their photos and when/how we would set up the proposal.

On the day of their session, I spoke with Caleb again. We solidified our plans and we were going to meet only hours later. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and felt so excited and nervous for them at the same time! I hoped this came together like he planned, and mostly, I hoped I wasn’t going to ruin their moment!

We drove out to Turtle River State Park (one of my favorite maternity session spots), and I scouted the spot it would all take place. I set them up on the bridge to take some photos as a couple. After a few shots, I asked Caleb to move to the other side of the bridge and had Brianna turn her back to lean into the bridge. I asked her to pose as if she was looking out into the river. While Brianna was looking out into the river, I signaled Caleb that we were ready to go. Caleb got down on one knee behind her, and I was just about to tell Brianna that we needed to turn around to pose again with Caleb, when we got interrupted by a few hikers!! I quickly had to signal to Caleb to get up before Brianna noticed what was happening. Luckily we were quick and Brianna had no idea what had just happened. We waited for the hikers to pass, and I returned Brianna to the pose, looking out over the bridge. This time we were ready again, and I signaled Caleb to get ready. I told Brianna that we needed to pose in the middle of the bridge, and as soon as she turned around, she put her hands to her mouth in complete surprise. There was Caleb on his knees holding her ring. Unfortunately for me, Brianna turned in such a way that she was walking towards him with her back to me. I quickly ran to the other side to get her reaction. Caleb asked her to marry him, and she said yes!!

The moment was absolutely beautiful!


After Brianna had some time to get herself back together after this amazing surprise, we continued on with their maternity session. One of my favorite images is of them on the waterfall looking down at their baby!


So many great things are in store for this couple, and I am so honored to have been a part of these milestones!

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From The Hart Photography – Grand Forks, North Dakota

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