Coronavirus Session Info Guide

With the soft opening of businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, there are certain guidelines and procedures that are being put in place for your families safety and for mine. Please read through the information below before your session, and let me know if you have any questions.

Please read the graphic and additional information below it!



  • All sessions will be less than an hour. This means if you previously had a 90 minute maternity session (for example), it will now be an hour. If you have a 30 minute session, it will not be affected. It will be done at 30 minutes, so please arrive ready.
  • All sessions will need to be paid in FULL before your session date. No payment will be taken at the time of your session. Please pay using credit card  or mail check.
  • For cake smash or milestone type sessions, only one parent/ guardian should be present. Please leave additional family members at home. The less people in studio the better.
  • No outside props, baggage, etc., should be brought into studio. Please bring in just the basics. This means no diaper bags (bring in a diaper and wipes), no purses (please leave in car) or any other unnecessary items.
  • Optional: Every person who is attending the session and is not being photographed should arrive with some sort of face covering.
  • When you arrive, please call and let me know you are here before leaving your vehicle. We will let you in so that you do not have to touch any external or internal doors on your way in.
  • Please do not touch anything in the studio aside from the seating area.
  • Maintain your space from the photographer (if possible), but please be responsible for moving/chasing your child back into the shooting area. We are trying to remain hands off if possible. Please do not let them wander and touch items in the studio.
  • Please know that posing (mostly applies to outdoors) will be done mostly verbally, and from at least 6 feet away (if possible). This means that you will have to try your best to pose based on these cues. We will all do our best here! Its super hard to pose someone exactly as you want verbally, but if we can work together, we can achieve something beautiful.