James is One!

I have had the privilege of photography Mr. James many times over the last year. He has done some fun mini sessions with me, and some milestones as well. His Grandpa and his Dad work/own a  construction company locally. Mr. James often takes pictures in a onesie promoting this business. What better theme for mom to choose for his cake smash than a construction type theme!!

As part of my “I want it all” Cake smash package, mom decides on theme, and I create the entire set up, including providing a cake from the local bakery in town, O’ For Heavens Cakes and More. I have been working with this baker for many years for my own personal occasions and now for business occasions as well! She has the best cakes, definitely look her up! James was recently found to have some allergies and a sensitive stomach, so he was provided with a Vegan cake.

When you think of construction, you think of bright oranges, yellows, and blacks! I created a handmade garland with these fun colors, added some Tonka trucks in, some balloons to match and some additional small details. This theme was so super fun and totally matched James personality and his families interests!

James arrived in his onesie and we did some individual images before changing him into his outfit for the actual smash part. He is a quick little guy. He kept crawling out of the scene so fast! Mom was definitely put to work chasing him down and putting him back in the scene.

We got him dressed into his smash outfit and set his cake in front of him. He enjoyed scraping the icing off and watching it fall to the floor. He wasn’t huge on eating though! At one point, he decided he wanted to knock over his cake and I caught the hilarious moment on camera. See the preview below!

We finished up his cake smash with a bubble bath session which is always included in my custom cake smash package. We had a ton of fun, as we always do for these sessions!


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From The Hart Photography – Grand Forks, North Dakota


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