Future Mrs. Marquez

My husbands cousin currently lives in New Mexico (how lucky is she?!) and she was planning a trip to come back home to visit her family who are all from the area. She let me know that she was newly engaged and really wanted to have her engagement pictures done here in Grand Forks. We planned for a Monday evening, only the day after she arrived. We were rained out! So much rain this past week, everything is sopping wet!

We decided to reschedule for a few days later, in hopes that the weather would cooperate and everything might dry up a little! Wednesday started out dark and gloomy, and I was worried we wouldn’t catch a break. We drove over to Turtle River State Park, which is honestly one of my favorite places to photograph at. As we neared the bend driving up, the clouds opened up and that beautiful sun appeared! We were going to have a great session after all!

Aside from those pesky mosquitoes, we had perfect weather, great lighting and it wasn’t overly busy. We talked about how lucky they are to live in such a warm place, and we joked around about how we might trade places! We had some silly poses, and we may have laughed at one another, but those are the best types of sessions!

Check out a preview from her session!





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