1st Year Milestone

Today I got to hang out with this sweet girl again after an entire year has passed! She visited with me for her newborn pictures in 2018. I can’t believe how quickly time passes by sometimes.

Mom had this sweet idea to have her in a sunflower theme. She decided that her first birthday party was sunflowers, why not make her photo session the same! I had some sunflower arrangements hanging out in the studio, so we glammed up the backdrop for her.

This little girl is so quick! Walking all over the place; we had to chase her and get her positioned to take her photos. As quickly as she sat, she was back up and off to the races! We managed to catch her attention with some sunflower stems, as seen in her picture. Mom had an adorable onesie made, with a matching tutu and a little bow.

I have to say the sunflowers might be one of my favorite themes! Loving this preview of this sweet girl!




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